/daily_news/article.php/401538/Why-IT-Should-Not-Run-Your-Website.htm Why IT Should Not Run Your Website

Why IT Should Not Run Your Website

By HTMLGoodies Staff

While your company's IT department is vital to your business, it may also be vital for them to stay away from your website. IT’s responsibilities include support, security, continuity and compliance, but "more website traffic" and "increased sales" are nowhere in that list.

Often the tasks of the IT department are thrown on top of an already-long "to-do" list that nobody wants. The already-burdened IT department often ends up with the tasks related to running a web server, installing any software related to the website, and making little changes that should really be performed by a marketing specialist, SEO expert, web designer or database administrator.

The bottom line is that if your website is controlled by the IT department, you are already losing. Make the website a tool for external marketing instead of an IT issue--the risks are minimum and the rewards are well worth it.

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