Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta: Overall Improvement, But Still Needs Work

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Adobe's Flash Player 10.1 beta was recently released, and InformationWeek Eric Zeman took at look at the release for the Android platform. The upgraded Flash player works reasonably well for Zeman, but some bugs come to light that suggest that the "beta" label is not an understatement.

To start with, the only place you'll be using the new Flash Player is within the Android web browser--Adobe says it's built directly into the browser and there is no standalone player. Zeman used his Nexus One to test the demos supplied by Adobe, which are essentially links to Flash-optimized websites and services.

Problems he encountered included issues with the Flash Player, and more importantly, the controls, being too small to be usable on sites such as YouTube, and the speed, even through a decent wifi connection, was barely tolerable. Video-laden sites such as MTVMusic and Hulu practically killed the Nexus One's web browser.

You can view Zeman's video demo below:

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