Does Adobe Plan To Rule the Mobile World?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

With Adobe's plans for world domination focused on the smartphone market, and Android beating the iPhone in the United States, Apple's repulsion to Flash may not be the problem that it was once thought of. Adobe Air for Android and BlackBerry may make life even easier for developers who are looking to develop and deliver applications to smartphone users.

Adobe's plan is simple: developers create applications using Flash Pro or Flash Builder/Flex, and deliver them using a web browser (via Flash Player) or on the desktop (via Adobe Air). Adobe's new Slider Framework for Flex 4 then steps in and solves the problems related to moving those applications to mobile devices.

The new Flex framework focuses on getting better performance with the small processors that smartphones typically have. Adobe promises to release a development platform that leverages current desktop and browser application developers. Google's cooperation with Adobe in regards to support of the Flash Player and Air may work out to their benefit as the Android Marketplace explodes.

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