Firefox 4 Announced by Mozilla, Release Coming in June

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The Mozilla product manager announced today that the new Firefox web browser, version 4, will be released in late June in beta. The company also mentioned that the Release Candidate is scheduled to be released in October.

The upcoming release is a complete revision of browser, with a focus on increasing the speed of execution, adding support for HTML 5, along with a new interface. The development team stated that the release will be faster, feature different functions of the HTML 5 standard and will have a fresh user interface, along with stability and security.

Users of the browser will notice the new manager permissions which enable users to manage the data that sites have access to, and a new add-ons manager which enables browser extensions to be installed without a browser restart. New web development features include support for HTML5, CSS3, 3D and full-screen animation.

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