Five Mobile Devices Plus One Developer Equals Mobile Guitar

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Many developers have created music composition tools for mobile devices, but developer and musician Steffest did them one better. He created a guitar using two Android devices, two Windows Mobile devices and one iPod touch, played a rendition of Cracklin Rosie and put the whole on video.

He wrote the piano and drum sequencers himself, used Pocket Stombox for the real time effects, and used a guitar provided using the iShred application from Frontierdesign. Although he intended to code the same application once and port it across all three development environments, in the end he wrote it three times using Java for the Android, C# for the Windows Mobile and Objective-C for the iPhone.

To read about the composition process, along with the creation of the mobile guitar, check out his blog at http://blog.stef.be/phoneguitar.

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