Web Developers Recognize the Difference Between a Codec and a Platform

By HTMLGoodies Staff

While the Flash vs. HTML5 debate rages on, many pundits fail to realize that Flash is an application platform, whereas HTML5 and the H.264 video codec it supports is just that--a scripting language which supports a codec!

Video played using the H.264 codec must be played back in a "wrapper" application, or a web browser. The Flash player, like HTML5, also supports the H.264 codec as long as it also has the proper wrapper. The Flash video platform includes a whole system that features a player, server and DRM (content protection) technology.

Many readers are under the impression that any browser that supports HTML5 is going to work for all viewers, with all videos. The fact is that many of the browser companies themselves do not agree upon a video codec standard, and it may be several years before there will be a uniform video codec standard--if ever.

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