Mobile Application Developers Look To Cloud Computing

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Cloud computing happens when tasks and data are accomplished and stored on remote servers. For mobile web applications, cloud computing can have an advantage over more traditional technologies, and mobile web developers poised to be a part of the cloud computing mobile revolution.

Analysts foresee a huge amount of growth in cloud computing, speculating that there will be over 20 times more mobile cloud-based applications in use in 2014 than there were in 2009. Cloud computing enabled programmers to access a larger market--the mobile platform itself does not affect the application itself, which runs on remote servers, making them usable for any application which can be used with a mobile web browser.

Cloud computing also enables web application developers to create programs more economically. Because so many mobile users are able to access these applications via their mobile browsers, there is less incentive for developers to use costly franchises such as Apple's App Store. This makes cloud computing a viable option for developers looking to jump into the mobile application arena.

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