/daily_news/article.php/397844/Dreamweaver-CS5-Features-WordPress-Support-Debugging-Support.htm Dreamweaver CS5 Features WordPress Support, Debugging Support

Dreamweaver CS5 Features WordPress Support, Debugging Support

By HTMLGoodies Staff

You may have heard that Adobe announced the release of the latest version of its Dreamweaver web development tool. You may not have heard, however, that it includes new features for creating sites using the popular WordPress CMS, new CSS enhancements, and real-time tools which let you see changes as you work.

Adobe’s Creative Suite 5 is a new package of applications for developing websites, creating and assembling videos and editing photos. The Dreamweaver tool has been dramatically improved with new tools for building dynamic websites using PHP-based content management systems (CMSes) such as WordPress and Drupal. Dreamweaver CS5 provides developers with tools to design templates and include files, and enables developers to see how their layouts will appear in their final designs.

PHP support in Dreamweaver includes code hints for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, along with support for custom functions and classes. New inspection tools enable developers to make adjustments to CSS and Document Object Module (DOM) elements and see the results rendered in real-time.

Dreamweaver CS5 will be shipping in mid-May along with the rest of Adobe's Creative Suite 5.

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