/daily_news/article.php/397106/iPad-Forcing-Web-Developers-To-Use-CSS3-HTML5-and-Open-Standards.htm iPad Forcing Web Developers To Use CSS3, HTML5 and Open Standards

iPad Forcing Web Developers To Use CSS3, HTML5 and Open Standards

By HTMLGoodies Staff

For those web developers who have created sites which appear on Apple's iPad-ready website list, it is clear that Apple is taking a stand on emerging technologies. The question is, will HTML5, CSS3 and Open Standards be enough to deliver cutting edge functionality to users?

The iPad's (and iPhone's) lack of support for Flash has been a hotly debated topic among developers. Developers who want dynamic content such as videos and animations on their website had to create it using the next generation markup languages that the W3C has yet to classify as formal specifications.

According to Google search results, there are at least 74 million websites that are using the Adobe Flash format to display video and animation. Developers are already complaining that the tools that are available for HTML5 lack the advanced functionality that Flash tools currently have.

Apple released its own guidelines on how to create websites which support the iPad. While their guidelines may be verbose, it boils down to the three core web technologies: CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript.

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