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Web Development IDE MyEclipse for Spring Released

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Genuitec today announced the release of its web development and Java IDE, MyEclipse for Spring. The integrated development environment provides developers with a set of advanced accelerators for Spring development, and includes scaffolding, project bootstrapping and enhanced development editors.

Todd Williams, VP of Technology for Genuitec, stated that a full-featured IDE was the goal, "Our goal was to give millions of valued users a full-featured, intuitive Spring development solution. With the production release of MyEclipse for Spring, we feel that we have achieved that goal. Developers who are using Spring-based tools to create Web applications now have access to some of the industry’s most advanced development accelerators."

Key features include Spring MVC Scaffolding functionality, which enables developers to create ready-to-run Spring applications from existing artifacts such as database schemas, Java Beans and JPA entities. The Spring Web Flow Editor enables developers to add Spring Web Flow support to projects, which allows them to visually configure the application's flow.

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