/daily_news/article.php/396430/Brightcove-HTML5-Will-Do-the-Job-No-Flash-Needed.htm Brightcove: HTML5 Will Do the Job, No Flash Needed

Brightcove: HTML5 Will Do the Job, No Flash Needed

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Web developers who were hoping to develop video for Apple's iPad were likely excited to read Brightcove's announcement on Monday. The company released Brightcove Experience for HTML5, a new solution which will enable developers to create video applications for both Flash and HTML5 without any additional costs.

Jeff Whatcott, vice president of marketing at Brightcove, stated that "We are investing to make it possible for publishers who are using the Brightcove online video platform to deliver both Flash and HTML5 video experiences with equivalent capability without requiring a lot of extra work."

Brightcove's HTML5 solution will enable developers to "target HTML5 devices without sacrificing the ability to customize the playback environment, gather detailed analytics, manage multi-bit rate delivery, and monetize their video with advanced advertising."

Their solution features a device detection function which detects non-Flash devices such as the iPad and switches between Flash and HTML5 according to the device the site's visitor is using.

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