Facebook's Upcoming Like Button Good for Web Developers

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Last week Facebook announced its upcoming Location services, which excited many developers. This week the social networking giant announced that it will soon be adding a button to its API that will enable web developers to add a "Like" button to any piece of content on their website.

The Like button is part of Facebook's Open Graph API project, which is being offered as an incentive for third party sites to network with Facebook through the sharing of content and functionality. While the new feature is similar to Facebook's current Share button, it is not limited to sites or blogs. This move will enable developers to configure their content to Facebook's standards, which will enable them to push their site's data across the globe via Facebook's vast network.

Facebook now ranks at the top for the first time surpassing even Google, and this new development may be geared at the search engine giant. Facebook users themselves may be the next great search engine with each click of the Like button.

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