Seven Design Concepts for Web Developers

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Many small business owners don't realize that they will often take on the role of web developer during the course of business. Here are seven design concepts to help you design your website's layout.
  1. Provide a way for your visitors to contact you
  2. Create a list of all sections and sub-sections you envision for your site
  3. Develop a wireframe drawing which shows the aspects of your site
  4. Decide on a programming platform (CMS-based, .NET, PHP, standard HTML, etc.)
  5. K.I.S.S. - Keep it simple
  6. Be consistent with your design throughout your site
  7. Forulate a path that you want your visitors to take
By considering each of these concepts, you will be able to guide the development process from beginning to end, and you will have the knowledge required to continue to grow your website into the profitable business tool that you want it to be.

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