/daily_news/article.php/395932/Facebook-Having-Problems-Scaling-Developer-Platform-Services.htm Facebook Having Problems Scaling Developer Platform Services

Facebook Having Problems Scaling Developer Platform Services

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Developers are always happy to use the APIs that social networks provide, however when those services go down, so do those developer's applications. For Facebook, continued problems with the reliability of the platform have become a reason to worry.

The website All Facebook reported today that the API for Facebook's social network has been having performance problems over the last 24 hours, and that those issues are indicative of larger reliability issues.

Facebook itself reported Monday that they were "investigating issues that may be causing some Platform apps to fail to load" and again Tuesday that they were "seeing some site performance issues which are affecting [their] API."

Developers are urged to be cautious in choosing the services that their applications depend on, because though the API providers are ultimately responsible for uptime of the API's services, developers are the ones who will have to deal with upset customers. This makes developers very concerned with the recent Facebook downtime, as it ultimately affects their bottom line.

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