Wikipedia To Support Theora Open Source Video Codec

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Wikipedia this week announced its plans to support the Theora video codec on its Wikipedia website. Theora is an open source video codec which is to be incorporated into the HTML5 specification via a video tag.

The Open Video Alliance is behind the campaign to enhance Wikipedia articles with video. Previously the process of adding videos to Wiki pages has been long and tedious, however the process has now been whittled down to five steps.

By using Wikipedia as a test conduit, the Open Video Alliance is encouraging the use of the Theora codec, as well as enhance its visibility. This is not likely to please Apple, as the verdict is still out--the debate over Flash vs. the use of HTML5's video tags is as strong, if not stronger, than ever.

Adobe says Flash is an essential component of the browsing experience, while Apple snubs its nose at Flash with the release of its iPad, which, like its iPhone, does not support Flash technology. Will web developers move on to HTML5, or stick with Flash? Time will tell.

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