Dot Com Celebrates 25th Birthday

By HTMLGoodies Staff

On March 15, 1985, a company named Symbolics registered symbolics.com, which was the first domain name registered--and along came the first website. By the end of 1985, there were officially six websites. Fast forward 25 years and there are 86 million active websites.

According to the WhoIs database, nearly 100,000 domain names are registered every day. In the last 25 years, more than 311 million domains have been registered, lived and died (i.e. were deleted from the domain registry).

While it's hard to imagine a world without the web, a lot of history has happened since the web was born. Dot-coms are part of our everyday life, both on our computers as well as mobile devices. The history of the web is part of our own heritage, and deserves a look back through the trials, tribulations and ordeals that gave us the world wide web that we have today.

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