Coming Soon: HTML 5, What To Expect

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Developers have long been anticipating the next version of HTML, called HTML5, which is being standardized by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C). After almost 10 years, the HTML5 specification is coming to fruition--and here's what developers can expect.

Many of the changes developers have desired are incorporated into the HTML5 specification. It will include tags and APIs for enhanced interactivity, multimedia and localization. Many developers are hoping the "new" HTML will enable them to ditch the proprietary plug-ins (read Flash, Quicktime, Silverlight) they have come to rely on. Even Tim Berners-Lee, who some call the original web pioneer, have begun to call for a more application-centric Web, stating that "Some things are clearer with hindsight of several years. It is necessary to evolve HTML incrementally. The attempt to get the world to switch to XML ... all at once didn't work."

In this timely news piece, Neil McAllister continues with the discussion of what you can expect with HTML5, discussing the upcoming rich web, the future of browser plug-ins, examples of what will be coming, and what developers can do right now to be ready for HTML5.

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