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Social Networking Sites Add Location-Based Features

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Social Networking kings Facebook and Twitter will soon be enabling features which allow users to share their location with their friends--and apps. Facebook is continuing to work on the feature, while Twitter is just about to enable the location-based features on its site.

Facebook plans to add friend location services starting next month at the F8 developer conference. Its upcoming status geolocation will allow users to share the location from which they submitted their update to their friends. Facebook is hoping to garner the interest of mobile users, of which 100 million update their status from mobile devices. This would enable them to serve localized advertising to those users based on their location.

Twitter will be turning on the feature on their site very soon, and is currently allowing users of 3rd party clients to attach their location to their Tweets. Its geolocation feature was briefly turned on this Tuesday, but was disabled not long after its appearance on the site. This tells us that they are finishing up their last efforts on the features, and word has it that they will go live with it during the SXSW conference which starts this Friday.

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