Google Launches Own App Store, Apps Marketplace

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Last night at Google's Campfire One, the search engine giant launched its own application store, called Google Apps Marketplace. This new app store is for developers who create applications which integrate "deeply" with Google Apps to market them to end users.

While it won't be catching up with the Apple App Store any time soon, the Google Apps Marketplace launched with more than 50 apps from companies including Intuit and Atlassian, with others coming soon from companies such as NetSuite and SuccessFactors.

Using Google's API's, it's a simple process for developers to integrate any application into Google Apps. It costs $100 for developers to sign up for the developer program, which provides them with access to Google tools and API's, and enables them to sell their applications to businesses using Google Apps.

Developers can view all the details by visiting Google's Developer Programs site.

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