Tiki Releases TikiWiki 4.2, 3.5 and Glimpse of Version 6

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The latest release of the TikiWiki CMS, version 4.2, was announced this week, along with an update to the open source "long-term support" version of the software, which has been updated to version 3.5. These releases from Tiki include a glimpse of what's to come for TikiWiki users in the near future.

The TikiWiki CMS (Content Management System) is promoted as a "full-featured, web-based, multilingual (35+ languages), tightly integrated, all-in-one Wiki+CMS+Groupware, Free Source Software (GNU/LGPL), using PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, jQuery and Smarty." It was designed to be "used to create all kinds of Web applications, sites, portals, knowledge bases, intranets, and extranets."

This release is billed as a bug fix, polish and security update, with an emphasis on security updates. Spam protection, extra robustness against SQL injection attacks and abuse of system features have been addressed.

Version 5 features were discussed, including:

  • Shopping cart/payment support
  • Updated translation/multilingual support
  • Advanced rating and scoring system
  • Workspace integration
  • Performance improvements
  • WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) support
Additionally, the next release may dump support for MSIE6, and could include improvements or additions to chat, voice and video communications.

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