/daily_news/article.php/393310/Paypal-To-Give-Developers-Access-to-API-and-Code.htm Paypal To Give Developers Access to API and Code

Paypal To Give Developers Access to API and Code

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Paypal will provide developers with access to its API and code--with anticipation that they will soon be creating apps for its recently announced app store. A recent announcement from Paypal stated that they are looking for developers with a "creative streak and an entrepreneurial spirit" to join the Paypal X Developer Network.

While there are already a lot of app stores out there, Paypal wants to distinguish itself from the rest by becoming an "open platform for payments that will get embedded into every other platform."

VP of Paypal's Platforms and Product Development, Osama Bedier, envisions developers creating applications that will enable users to pay for non-internet consumer goods and services. As Bedier put it, "I want developers to think of PayPal first whenever they hear the word 'payment'’ and I want to know what it will take to get there. We're willing to do it. We're willing to innovate and experiment on their behalf and hear their feedback."

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