/daily_news/article.php/392814/The-Web-as-a-Platform-The-ONLY-Platform.htm The Web as a Platform: The ONLY Platform

The Web as a Platform: The ONLY Platform

By HTMLGoodies Staff

With so many mobile devices available, developers are left trying to decide which platform to develop for. Palm's response, which many developers are beginning to echo, is interestingly enough, one platform--the Web.

Palm's reasoning behind their statement is a web that is accessible for everyone, with developers able to create applications which work on every form of media. WebGL, a standard specification which enables the display 3D graphics in web browsers, allows developers to build rich services which work directly in the web browser. Snow Stack is a 3D CSS Visual Effects demo which uses pure HTML, WebKit’s 3D CSS Effects extensions and JavaScript, and it allows developers to use CSS to build transitions and animations, again, using the web browser.

JavaScript has grown by leaps and bounds, and performs at 100 times the speed it did mere years ago. HTML5 is on its way, with a host of features that could potentially do away with the need for Flash. All of these technologies work on the client side of the experience, directly within the web browser.

Haptic technology, which connects with the user through the sense of touch, is on its way too. Any wonder why Palm is pushing for a unified browser experience?

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