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Zend PHP App Server Adds Code Tracing

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Zend Technologies this week announced the release of its Zend Server 5.0 PHP Application server. This release adds Code Tracing functionality to the server that is able to aid developers in problem resolution.

Zend first announced the addition of the Code Tracing functionality in the beta release of the Zend Server in October of 2009. This new feature enables developers to pinpoint the specific cause of application errors. Zend's CEO Andi Gutmans stated that "With this new version we are delivering application monitoring and diagnostics as part of the base application server at no additional cost. The new Code Tracing technology revolutionizes how businesses can reduce time spent on problem resolution. This and other enhancements will help businesses deliver reliable high-performance applications and maximize end-user satisfaction while reducing development and management time and costs."

Additional features of Zend Server 5.0 include PHP caching and app acceleration which is designed to improve application performance, along with a PHP application stack for Windows and Linux. This version is integrated with Zend Studio PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Zend Framework for PHP.

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