/daily_news/article.php/392626/Gartner-Research-Mobile-to-Rebound-in-2010.htm Gartner Research: Mobile to Rebound in 2010

Gartner Research: Mobile to Rebound in 2010

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Though sales have been down in the last year, the mobile phone market will significantly rebound in the next year due to sale of cheaper smart phones. This projection comes from a recently released report from Gartner Research, and is good news for app developers.

The report, which was released earlier this week, states that the mobile market will increase by 11-13 percent this year, which is up from Gartner's December prediction of a 9 percent rise.

Gartner market analyst Carolina Milanesi sees this as a result of the stabilization of the economy, stating that "The economy seems to be stabilizing more into a recovery trend than we forecast back in December. Sales will return to low-double-digit growth, but competition will continue to put a strain on vendors’ margins."

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