/daily_news/article.php/392478/HTML5-Standard-Threatened-by-Adobe.htm HTML5 Standard Threatened by Adobe?

HTML5 Standard Threatened by Adobe?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Adobe was recently accused of blocking the W3C's attempts to approve the HTML5 standard. While Adobe has denied the allegations, the company did file a formal objection to the HTML5 standard, which Abobe said was done to "reorganize several subgroups for efficiency".

Adobe's Larry Masinter stated that they have no intention of trying to stop HTML5, and that Adobe isn't trying to keep the advantage for Flash. He believes that Adobe's formal objection was misunderstood, and was meant to be a "simple, procedural move."

The company has been on the minds of developers since the release of the iPad, with developers squaring up on both sides of the fence about the iPad and iPhone's lack of support for Flash. Apple insists that HTML5 can do anything that Flash can do, but better. Adobe says when you think of the web, you think of Flash, an essential ingredient for getting the most out of the web experience. Can't we just get along?

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