/daily_news/article.php/391530/Top-10-Firefox-Add-Ons.htm Top 10 Firefox Add-Ons

Top 10 Firefox Add-Ons

By HTMLGoodies Staff

LinuxPlanet reviews the top 10 cool Firefox add-ons that will enhance the popular cross-platform web browser. They review add-ons to help fix annoyances, debug your website, add advanced functionality and stay connected.

They take a look at NewTabURL, an add-on that will save you the frustration of searching for a way to open a web page on a new tab---because by default both MSIE and Firefox display a blank tab whenever a new tab is opened. Problem solved!

Other useful add-ons that are covered include the Web Developer add-on, which lets you "test, inspect, or troubleshoot cookies, forms, images, and many other web components" and the PageZipper add-on, which will "automatically load and stack next web pages in the browser so you see a continuous stream of content." Useful tools for both the developer and the end user.

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