/daily_news/article.php/391528/More-PHP-Developers-Use-Windows-as-a-Development-Platform.htm More PHP Developers Use Windows as a Development Platform

More PHP Developers Use Windows as a Development Platform

By HTMLGoodies Staff

A recent study from Zend Technologies indicates that more PHP developers are using the Microsoft Windows operating system as their development platform. 42% of those polled selected the Windows OS, with Linux coming in at 38.5%, and Mac trailing at 19.1%.

Although PHP has long been associated with the open source movement, when it comes to desktop development, developers are choosing to work on Microsoft Windows PCs. Zend's study was based on a poll they conducted in December of 2009 with a variety of developer's polled including independent consultants and large organizations.

When applications are ready to roll out, however, Linux still leads the way, with 85% naming that operating system as their primary OS. The Microsoft Windows OS took a deep back seat, with only 11% of all developers hosting their apps on that platform.

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