/daily_news/article.php/391418/Googles-Eric-Schmidt-on-Mobile-First-at-Mobile-conference.htm Google's Eric Schmidt on "Mobile First" at Mobile conference

Google's Eric Schmidt on "Mobile First" at Mobile conference

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google CEO Eric Schmidt at Mobile World Congress, reiterated his belief in the future of mobile web, stating that "in three years, if not sooner, smart phones will surpass PC sales." According to Schmidt, processing power, connectivity and cloud computing will continue to drive the mobile web.

He spoke about "real time" voice translation, Google Goggles, and demoed a video and games running on Flash in an Android phone, preaching to the choir that "it was the joint project of all of us to make mobile the answer to just about every question."

Schmidt said Google was taking a "strong stand to protect privacy" without getting into details, and that he expected [privacy] legislation on a "country by country basis."

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