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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate Public Release Today

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate should be available for public download later today, according to Microsoft's recent announcement. This release is a "major renovation" of its C++ integrated development environment (IDE), with added support for cloud and web services, along with other enhancements.

Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president of Microsoft's .NET Developer Platform, said the public release was needed to ensure that the software was fully tested, stating "The primary motivation behind releasing a public RC was to ensure that we could get broad testing and feedback on the performance and stability work we’ve been doing since the last public VS 2010 Beta 2 release. Over the last few months we’ve been releasing interim builds to a small set of folks who have been helping us validate fixes and measure very large projects and solutions. The feedback from them has been extremely positive the last few weeks--which is why we are now opening up today’s build to a much wider set of people to people to try out."

This release of Visual Studio 2010 (VS 2010), which was initially released as Beta 1 in May of 2009 and Beta 2 in November of 2009, includes support for Microsoft's cloud-based Azure platform, along with web development tools including an updated "IntelliSense" JavaScript engine (aka a JavaScript editor), a fully editable and interactive designer for creating Silverlight multimedia content (with support for Silverlight 4), and wizard-based support for ASP.NET websites.

Additional features in this release include tools for Microsoft Windows 7 application development, support for Microsoft Office client apps (32 and 64 bit versions), support for non-Microsoft databases such as Oracle and IBM DB2, enhanced support for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and enhanced support for the development of Microsoft Sharepoint applications. This release also includes a "go live" license so developers can utilize VS 2010 in production environments.

Microsoft allowed MSDN subscribers to download the VS 2010 RC earlier this week, with public availability coming later today (February 10th).

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