Windows Mobile 6.5.3 SDK Coming Soon

By HTMLGoodies Staff

In a move that speaks highly of Microsoft's fight to regain the momentem they have been losing in the mobile marketplace, they are ready to release a Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Software Development Kit (SDK). Visual Studio 2008 users will be able to develop and test mobile applications on their computers, reports have mentioned.

The Windows Mobile 6.5.3 SDK was briefly available over the weekend, but has since been pulled down. Supposedly it will provide features similar to the Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK. This will be a good thing not only for developers, but for end-users as well, since it provides emulation of the Windows Mobile Professional (touchscreen) and Windows Mobile Standard (keyboard-only) devices.

The upcoming SDK will feature several adjustments and modifications, which Microsoft confirmed in a developer document on its MSDN website which states "Beginning with the Windows Mobile 6.5.3 release, touchable tiles replace soft keys, and the upgrade will let developers create widgets using Visual Studio."

Microsoft MVP Nick Randolph downloaded the Windows Mobile 6.5.3 SDK over the weekend, and said that it still requires Visual Studio 2008 for Windows Mobile development, except for widget development.

Sources in the industry have stated that Windows Mobile 7 deployment will be delayed until 2011, with the focus shifting to Google Android and the Chrome OS to even the score during the duration of 2010.

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