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SEO Still Tops the List for Website Owners

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The SEO consulting companies are staying busy these days, especially with Google's new Caffeine search engine mechanism just around the corner. Tips and tricks are circulating around the web like wildfire, with each "expert" offering different advice when it comes to getting and keeping your site among the top rankings in the search engines.

Part of Google's new Caffeine search mechanism involves loading time--in other words, the faster a website loads, the more likely it is to get in the top listings in the search results. Search Engine Optimization experts are saying essentially the same thing: "minimize the site". The use of size-optimized images, smaller resolutions for images, and reduction of the size of the image in general all help to speed up the loading of the page.

Keyword usage is also very important for this new iteration of Google's search engine strategies. Experts tell us that keywords should be specifically selected for different areas of your site. They should be used judicially, not liberally, and they should be on topic for the subject of that specific page. Repetition of titles and keywords should be avoided, as Google will count that against you, as even the Webmaster Tools suggestions will tell you.

Identical content on pages is another big no-no. Search engine optimization expert Ron Jones, who writes for Search Engine Watch, states that "identical content posted in multiple locations can spell certain doom for that content's search ranking." Google's Webmaster Tools will tell you the same thing.

Experts will tell you that the prohibition against duplicated content is part of an effort to make search results more relevant for users. It's also a way to make sure that website owners are "spamming" their websites in order to get higher rankings in the search engine listings, something that is good for both web users and websites in general.

SEO is a tough game to keep up with, but by using the tools that Google provides, as well as the tips that SEO experts recommend is a good way to keep your site relevant and well ranked in the search engines, which in the end, is good for everyone.

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