MySpace Launches Developer Challenge

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The king of social networking, MySpace, has issued a challenge to gain new developers who will create applications for the MySpace platform. MySpace launched a developer contest to find new developers to write compelling applications on the MySpace social networking platform. They are looking for innovative applications and are offering cash prizes of $10,000 in five different categories.

Amy Walgenbach, a MySpace spokesperson, stated in her blog on January 4th that "We believe the best on-site and off-site integrations with MySpace are not here yet and the MySpace Developer Challenge intends to find them," Walgenbach wrote. "We also want to reward innovative developers big and small and recognize them as much as we can."

As far as the time frame, she continued "Developers can participate by creating a new MySpace application or integrating our APIs on their website. The Challenge will feature monetary and promotional prizes, to be given out to those developers whose submissions are picked by a panel of judges. There is a two-month submission window, culminating in winners announced at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco in March 2010. Submissions for the Challenge will be accepted from January 4 through Feb 28, 2010, and the most promising entries will be recognized in March."

The five categories she mentioned are:

  • Most Innovative Use of the Real-Time Stream API
  • Best MySpace App
  • Most Innovative Use of the Open Search API
  • Most Innovative MySpace Integration on Mobile
  • Most Innovative Use of Photos
Judges for the contest include MySpace Chief Operating Officer Mike Jones, founder and managing partner of Angel Investors, engineering director at Google David Glazer, and technology blogger Robert Scoble.

The contest is running in conjunction with a MySpaceDevJam developer conference in San Francisco to be held on Jan. 14, where they will feature coding sessions for each contest category and give developers an update on their new APIs.

Good luck developers...it will be interesting to see what they come up with and who takes the prizes!

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