Are Native Apps Unnecessary Because of HTML5?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The mobile industry is growing beyond leaps and bounds, but its growth has been hindered by fragmented protocols, unstandard standards and a lack of a common core language. Enter HTML5, and you have the potential for an open, democratic, homogenous mobile web. 

Some believers in the HTML5 "movement" anticipate the demise of native apps in as few as two years. Native apps are designed to run on a single platform, and take advantage of native hardware and functionality. HTML5, along with various JavaScript libraries, allows developers to create apps with very similar functionality that will work on multiple devices and platforms. 

The lead at Google's Chrome OS initiative, Sundar Pichai, believes that web-based apps that use HTML5 will eventually win out over more traditional native apps, stating that the "incredible advantages of the Web will prevail. We'll forget that we even passed through another era of native apps on the way to the mobile web." 

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