Appcelerator Titanium Studio Supports Mobile, Web and Desktop Development

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Appcelerator this week announced Titanium Studio, its integrated development environment that is based on the Eclipse IDE, which was acquired by Appcelerator in January. Titanium Studio is unique in that it enables developers to create applications for desktop, mobile and web platforms.

Previously Appcelerator's tools have been focused on web and mobile application development. By allowing developers to create apps for desktop platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as HTML5 applications, they are opening up their IDE to a wider variety of developers.

This new release is also integrated with official SDK's from Apple, Google and RIM. A new feature called "Fastdev" technology allows developers to make changed to the app as it is running in a simulator. Titanium Studio features source code editing, code completion and debugging for all apps, and enables developers to publish their apps to the Apple App Store and Android Market, as well as the BlackBerry app store and Apple Mac App Store.

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