Appcelerator Speeds Up Mobile App Development

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The majority of the apps that run on the iPhone and iPad were created using Objective-C, an antiquated programming language that is considered by many to be harder to learn, and less powerful than modern languages such as JavaScript, Python and Ruby. Many developers are turning to programs like Appcelerator Titanium, which converts apps written in web languages into mobile apps that work across platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Jeff Haynie recently discussed the topic of Objective-C, stating that "Very few people in the world know Objective-C. Eight to 10 million Web developers around the world know JavaScript and HTML." He believes, like many others, that a developer shouldn't have to waste their time learning Objective-C or Java in order to create apps for smartphones and tablets. So in 2007 he founded Appcelerator with the goal of solving that problem.

Currently, one in five apps for sale in the iTunes App store was created using his company's Titanium, an open source development platform that allows developers to create apps using the web languages that they are familiar with, such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python and Ruby.

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