Another Company Switches to HTML5: Readability on iOS

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Readability is known for converting cumbersome web pages into a readable format, using a web browser extension. Like many other companies that are looking toward the future, this week they announced that they have relaunched their iOS services as an HTML5 application. 

Although the company made the move to HTML5 as a result of Apple's requirements, Readability is in a position like most developers who want to be able to write an app once, and deploy it everywhere. HTML5 is an effective tool for building such apps. 

Rob Chandhok, president of Qualcomm Internet Services, put it bluntly, asking "When’s the last time you downloaded an application on the desktop. Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and eBay are all accessed on a browser. You’ll do that on a phone. Content and services are going to go HTML 5. You can’t argue with the economics. There’s an economic pressure to innovate at scale and that means a drive to the browser."

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