Alibaba Group's New Mobile Aliyun OS Runs Android and HTML5 Apps

By HTMLGoodies Staff

China-based Alibaba Cloud Computing this week announced the launch of its new mobile operating system for both handsets and tablets. The Aliyun OS, as it's called, can run Android apps as well as web apps created using HTML5 and JavaScript.

The Aliyun OS was demonstrated on a Linux-based smartphone which will launch later this month in China, with a tablet version that uses the new OS to debut later this year. By allowing the use of both Android and HTML5 web apps, Alibaba developers and third party developers will be able to distribute their apps without the need for additional software downloads.

Also of note is that Aliyun-based devices will come with 100 GB of virtual data storage, and users are also able to store photos, contact lists and messages on their online account.

Read the original article here.

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