Adobe Muse, the No-Coding Site Builder, Just Announced

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This week Adobe announced yet another web design tool that was built with non-coders in mind. Muse enables users to develop and publish websites much like they would typically create a website mock using Adobe InDesign or Illustrator--without any coding required.

Muse, which is built upon the Adobe AIR platform, was designed to streamline the web design process by allowing non-programming designers to actually turn their mockups into websites. Jane Brady, the senior product marketing manager of Adobe'screative suite, spoke about the release, stating that "What we're seeing is that the tools that have been made available for designers to be able to create digital experiences require people to learn code. And most designers either don't want to, or they're not interested--or they've learned, and it's just not the way their brain works."

Read the original article here.

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