Adobe Flash to HTML5 Conversion Tools Get an Upgrade From Google

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Google has decided to enable Flash developers who have developed Flash animations using Adobe Flash Professional to now be able to convert those animations to HTML5 code using a new extension which is built on Google's Swiffy conversion technology. Following in the shadow of, what many people consider to be about the worst business decision Adobe has ever made, Google's new Swiffy extension for converting Flash SWF files to HTML5 has focused on allowing developers to continue using their Flash skills in their development environment regardless if your project is to develop animations in an environment that does not support Flash, such as the iOS. To that end, Google built the Swiffy extension for Flash professionals specifically which enables them to quickly and easily convert their animation to HTML5 with one single click. Available for either MAC or Windows, both utilize the Swiffy as a Web service for accessing the latest conversions. You can read more about this great new tool here.

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