Adobe Edge and HTML5 Aside, Adobe Still Supports Flash

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Adobe's new HTML5 authoring tool, Edge, may be a great PR tool for them, and will likely win some developer's hearts, but don't think that Adobe is ditching Flash any time soon. Even as more websites and apps use HTML5, Flash will still be a standby for backwards compatibility.

HTML5 provides developers with many new opportunities for app development, but it still lacks some features that Flash provides, including, most importantly, digital rights management (DRM) functionality. While there are several DRM schemes under consideration for the specification, it will likely be a while before they make it into the HTML5 specification.

Principal at FivePaths, an internet strategy firm, Eric Leland, discussed the DRM problem, stating that "Flash includes digital rights management features, while in HTML5, users can quickly save videos to their own machines."

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