500 New Web Fonts Available Via Monotype Imaging and CSS

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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This week 500 additional web fonts became available for web developers to use on their websites. By using CSS, developers can use the fonts, which Monotype Imaging announced today along with a partnership with Acquia's Drupal Gardens theme portal.

The partnership with Drupal Gardens allows those publishing on the site to use Monotype's web font service. CSS enables developers to utilize downloadable fonts on their websites. Before the use of CSS and downloadable fonts, visitors had to already have those fonts on their computer in order to see them on a website.

Many developers resorted to the use of images since it wasn't possible to use fonts that were outside the scope of those normally installed on a typical computer. By using downloadable fonts, developers are able to cut down on server requests, save download time and increase page loading speeds.

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