3D Power of CSS Visually Apparent in Acko.net Redesign

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Standard web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScipt and CSS have recently been in the spotlight, even though the value and potential of those technologies has yet to be proven in the real world. To that end, however, the recent redesign of the Acko.net website has provided an opportunity to show off the 3D functionality of CSS.

In order to see the 3D effect, users will need to view it by using a WebKit browser such as Safari or Chrome. To view the 3D effect, a user simply has to scroll down the page. Users who view the demo with other browsers will see the page without the 3D effect, but it was designed to gracefully degrade snd should still be functional.
Steven Wittens, the developer who created the page, stated that "This idea started with an accidental discovery: if you put a CSS perspective on a scrollable <DIV>, then 3-D elements inside that <DIV> will retain their perspective while you scroll. This results in smooth, native parallax effects, and makes objects jump out of the page, particularly when using an analog input device with inertial scrolling."

Read the original article here.

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