1 in 4 Web Developers Earns $109,000 or More

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The 2016-2017 Web Salary Survey from O'Reilly Media discovered a lot of variation in Web developer income. The median salary was $78,000, "but 75 percent of respondents had a salary of at least $50,000, and 25 percent had a salary of at least $109,000." Pay was highest in the United States and lowest in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

"Education makes a big difference in salary — something that may be surprising, given that the web contains a lot of people who are self-taught or who got brief educational experiences at for-profit programs," the report noted. "If you have a doctorate, you can expect to earn on average $10,434 more than someone without one. Strangely enough, possessing a master’s degree is slightly bad for salary: respondents with master’s degrees earned $542 less, all else being equal."

Languages and frameworks also played a role in salaries, with Python, Swift and Scala paying well and PHP, ColdFusion and JQuery paying poorly.

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