Tuesday, May 11, 2021

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Advertising

Are you thinking about capitalizing on your WordPress blog? One way to make money online is by placing ads near your content and generating income based on views and ad clicks.

Getting set up is easier than it sounds. All you need is to create a WordPress blog and then install an advertising plugin that will handle most of the background work for you. Then, watch your income climb. Start with one of these best WordPress plugins for advertising, listed in no particular order.

With one of these WordPress plugins, you should be able to quickly start making money by advertising on your site. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the plugins will do all the work for you. Consider what type of content you’re promoting—you want it to be relevant to your visitors—and don’t be afraid to test the ad placement to see what will earn you the most money. Which one of these plugins will you try first?

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OIO PublisherOIO Publisher

OIO Publisher is a powerful plugin that allows you to keep 100 percent of your advertising profits. It works by allowing you to sell ad space directly from your site through an automated process where advertisers can come directly to you and fill out a self-service form. If you’d like to maintain control over the ads, there’s an option to hold them in moderation before they go live.

With OIO Publisher, you can sell banner ads, text links, paid reviews, or custom products, and you can display the ads through a widget or by using a shortcode. The plugin also tracks impressions and click through rates (CTR) for each ad to maximize your control. Get started for only $47.


AdSanity is a beginner-friendly advertising plugin that makes it easy to set up single managed ads or groups of ads. You can also choose to set an expiration date on new ads or let them run indefinitely. Graphical stats will show you how your ads are performing on your site, and you can export this data to give to your advertisers. AdSanity supports third party ad networks like Google AdSense. Prices start at just $29 per year.


AdRotate is a free WordPress plugin that helps you manage your banner ads. With it, you can display random ads from networks like AdSense or Chitika or by using your own images. Feel free to set your ads to expire after a certain length of time or a certain number of clicks. You’ll also receive statistics on CTR, impressions, and clicks. If you’re looking for more features, such as geo targeting and advanced scheduling, upgrade to AdRotate Pro for a one-time purchase of 29.

WordPress Ad WidgetWordPress Ad Widget

Just as its title suggests, WordPress Ad Widget allows you to display your ads as a widget. Upload your own custom ads, or place your Google AdSense or other code into the widget. This plugin allows you to run both text and image-based ads. It’s free, easy to use, and has high ratings, which makes it a good advertising plugin for beginners.

Meks Easy Ad WidgetMeks Easy Ad Widget

Meks Easy Ad Widget is a lot like WordPress Ad Widget because it allows you to insert ads into a widget for greater control. It’s also free but comes with numerous user-friendly features. For instance, you can create an unlimited number of ads within one widget. You can also customize your ad size by using predetermined sizes or defining your own size. Plus, you can limit the number of ads per view, randomize ads order, and rotate ads.

Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads

Advanced Ads is another free option that’s packed with advanced features. Not only can you easily create banner ads, but you can test and optimize them, too. Group your ads together to create ad rotations, and even import and export your ad settings. Advanced Ads also allows you to schedule ads, make internal notes about each ad, and create drafts only visible to logged in users.

You can use this plugin to display ads from affiliate networks like AdSense or display your own ads through custom images and shortcodes. Customization options allow you to display or hide ads for mobile users and choose which ads logged in visitors see. With a geo targeting add-on, you can display ads based on the visitor’s geo location, and a responsive add-on automatically displays ads based on the width of a visitor’s browser.

Amazon LinkAmazon Link

Amazon Linkis designed for you to utilize the power of the Amazon Affiliate program. With this free plugin, you can quickly and easily add Amazon product links to your WordPress posts and pages so that you can maximize your Amazon Affiliate commissions. Use the plugin to create simple text links, beautiful thumbnail images, full-sized image ads, Amazon flash widgets, and more. Choose to place static product links or dynamic links that will deliver the most appropriate content for the reader. Additional features include:

  • Search tool to make creating links in posts and pages easier
  • Shortcode for generating product links
  • Localization of links to suit the nationality of the reader
  • Amazon Product Details Cache, which helps your pages load quicker
  • Affiliate Tracking IDs for each WordPress user
  • Built-in templates for major Amazon widgets

WP Pro Advertising SystemWP Pro Advertising System

WP Pro Advertising System is a premium all-purpose advertising plugin. With over 18 pre-defined display options, you can place your ads just about anywhere. These options include:

  • Sidebar banners
  • Background ads
  • Fly-in ads
  • Corner peel ads
  • Pop-up ads
  • Post ads
  • And more!

Additional features allow you to schedule your ads, update the plugin straight from your WordPress dashboard, and view insights about which devices people are using to view your ads. The plugin also works alongside Google Analytics so that you can monitor how your ads are performing. Plus, it integrates with MailChimp so that you can place ads on your newsletter as well. Get all these amazing features for just $29.

Simple Ads ManagerSimple Ads Manager

If you’re looking for a free, simple plugin to make displaying ads easy, then try Simple Ads Manager. This plugin features a unique option called flexible logic, which rotates ads based on weight. Use it to place your own ads or third-party ads. It also features support for Google DoubleClick for Publishers. Plus, the plugin includes a button in the post editor so that you can seamlessly insert ads into your posts and pages. Click and hit statistics are also available to make tracking your data easy.

Ad InjectionAd Injection

Ad Injection works with multiple ad platforms to help display beautiful ads within your WordPress content. Use it with any kind of advertisement, such as those from:

  • Google AdSense
  • Amazon Associates
  • ClickBank
  • TradeDoubler

With this free plugin, you can control the number of advertisements you place per post based on how long that post is. You can also restrict which advertisements display based on post age, a visitor’s IP address, or a visitor referrer. For example, set ads to only show for search engine referrers so that regular visitors who click from Facebook or Twitter have a better experience on your site. You can also configure advertisements in posts or on sidebar widget areas. Additional features allow you to split test your ads, rotate ads, and include template ads anywhere within your theme by using simple tags.

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