10 Great Places to Find Designers Online

By Drew Hendricks

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    Toptal Designers

    Toptal Designers

    Toptal Designers launched this October. It’s a marketplace for digital designers like the rest of the sites on this lists, but it operates very differently. Toptal is a global network of freelance developers and designers, all of whom have passed a rigorous screening process including language and personality tests, portfolio reviews, live skills tests with senior Toptalers, and test projects. Only the top 3% of candidates are accepted into the network. When you come to Toptal with a project, they hand-match you with a designer who can start work immediately. If you’re looking for high quality assurance and want to hit the ground running, this is the site for you. As an added bonus, even if you don’t hire through them, Toptal has produced great job resources like web designer guides that you can use when you hire, regardless of your level of design expertise. They’ve got hiring guides for every design role, job description templates, and sample interview questions. Check them out so you can be confident you’re asking all the right questions of your next design candidate.

Having a great web design is vital to catching (and keeping) users’ attention online. But most companies don’t have the resources to hire a full in-house design team. The good news is that as demand for web designers surges, so too has the supply of online tools to help you find the right designer for your project. These ten sites will give you a major boost in the right direction when it comes to finding the right designer for your next project. 

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