Webmaster Tips

By Vince Barnes

Webmaster Tips
Once your page is up, you need to tell everyone about it!

  • So, You Want To Place A CGI, Huh?      Walk with me as we go through the process of placing a guestbook CGI (CGI and HTML guestbook documents provided). This one's a little tough, but you can do it!

  • So, You Want To Register Your Pages With Search Engines, Huh?
         Learn how to make sure that when someone searches for what you have, you are the one they come to.

  • So, You Want to FTP and Download, Huh?
         If you transfer a file, you need to transfer it in the correct format, ensuring it will work when it arrives on your server. This tutorial will explain how.

  • So, You Want Advertisers, Huh?
         What do you have that people want? If enough people want it, you may be able to get advertising banners on your page. I'll tell you how.

  • So, You Want Your Own Domain, Huh?
    (How the WWW works/IP Numbers)
         Be your own space on the WWW and understand how you got that way.

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