What With What? CSS

By Joe Burns

Style Sheets and Attributes

=Explorer =Navigator =Does not Support
(W) = Works With Windows Only
(M) = Works With MAC Only

background-attachment (Fixed)
background-color (Color)
background-image (URL)
background-position (Top, Center, Bottom, Left, Right)
background-repeat (Repeat X & Y, Norepeat)
clear (Left (W) in IE4, Right (W) in IE4, Both (No IE))
(W) border-color (Color)
display (Inline, List-item, None, Problems in IE)
float (Left, Right, None (W) in NN)
height (length, Problems in IE)
border-style (Dotted, Dashed, Double, Groove, Inset, Outset, Ridge, Solid)
border-width (Thick, Thin)
cursor (crosshair, default, e-resize, hand, help, move, n-resize, ne-resize, nw-resize, s-resize, sw-resize, text, w-resize, wait)
Padding (size)
Padding-bottom (size)
Padding-left (size)
Padding-right (size)
Padding-top (size)
vertical-align (Sub (W) in IE4, Sup (W) in IE4)
white-space (Pre)
Float (alignmentSide: left, right, none)
font-family (Font Face)
font-size (Points)
font-style (Bold, Italic, Underline)
font-variant (Small Caps)
font-weight (Bolder (W), Lighter (W))
Height (auto, percentage)
(W) list-style-image (URL)
(W) list-style-position (Points)
(W) list-style-type (Circle, Square, Decimal, lower-roman, upper-roman, lower-alpha, upper-alpha, none)
margin-top (Problems in IE)
margin-right (Problems in IE)
margin-bottom (Problems in IE)
margin-left (Problems in IE)
(W) padding-top (Problems in IE)
(W) padding-bottom (Problems in IE)
(W) padding-left (Problems in IE)
(W) padding-right (Problems in IE)
clip (Shape)
Scroll (scroll)
position-absolute (Position)
position-relative (Position)
visibility (Visible, Hidden)
z-index (Position)
Page-break-after (always, left, right)
Page-break-before (always, left, right)
Important (Raises weight one level)
(W) letter-spacing (Length)
(W) line-height (Percentage, Pixel)
text-alignment (Left, Right, Center)
(M) text-decoration (Underline, Blink, Overline, Line-through)
text-indent (Length)
(W) text-transform (Uppercase, Lowercase)
Width (auto, percentage)


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