HTML Goodies: What With What?

By Joe Burns

     The purpose of this series of charts is to give you the ability to check HTML tags, CSS commands, and Script formats against different versions of different browsers. In short, what works with what?

     Below is the basic HTML Document skeleton. Click on the topic or the section where you are most likely to find the tag or command in which you are interested. There is also a chart of all HTML Tags (it's pretty big: 200K), a chart of what tags or commands are Internet Explorer specific, and what tags or commands are Netscape Navigator specific.

     There is a key

     Please understand that this is the type of thing that is out of date almost as soon as it is posted. I intend to try to keep it up to date and add browser versions to it. Use it to your, and your viewer's, advantage.


          <Cascading STYLE Sheets></STYLE>


          <Text and Links>
          <Objects: Images, Sounds, Applets, Events>

          All HTML Commands (200K)

          Internet Explorer Only
          Netscape Navigator Only

What About AOL? | What About Opera?


Key to Charts

This tag or command works with all levels of Internet Explorer.
This tag or command works with all levels of Netscape Navigator.
This tag or command works with all levels of the AOL browser.
This tag or command works with all levels of the Opera Browser.
This denotes the tag's HTML version.
The number denotes version when tag or command for was active. Assume all following versions support.
The browser does not support the command at any level.
If I couldn't find a specific version number, I posted the "all versions" image.
(W) Works with Windows platforms only.
(M) Works with MAC platforms only.

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