Remote Control Javascript Tutorial: Section Three

By Joe Burns


Desktop-as-a-Service Designed for Any Cloud ? Nutanix Frame

     All righty then...let's put it all together. First off, you need to get the script. You can just copy and paste it right off of the Section Two page. Go ahead and configure it to your heart's content. If you add more lines, you must again add the


     ...commands in front of the new lines. Just keep adding, but keep the same general format again and again.

Placing the Script

     Take the script that you created and paste it within the head commands. Do not place the script within the body commands. It won't run there.

     In order to get it to run, make this your BODY command:

<body bgcolor="ffffff" onLoad="openindex()">

     The onLoad command runs the script and posts the little remote window.

     That should do it. Place the pages you will be calling for in the same directory as the remote control page. It should run like a top. Or like a web page. Either or...




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