/beyond/javascript/article.php/3471251/So-You-Want-A-Live-Script-Huh.htm So, You Want A Live Script, Huh?

So, You Want A Live Script, Huh?

By Joe Burns

     I'll let you know this right up front... I didn't write this LiveScript. It was written by a young man, Paul Tahan, Jr. He's the ripe old age of 15. Here's a copy of his correspondence with me. He explains a little what a live script actually is.

Sure you can use the script, most people don't even ask before they take it, then I find it on their site later. To answer your questions, LiveScript is a break off of JavaScript. It's supposedly an easier way to program in Java. I haven't used it that much, though. I learned it in a book I bought and sort of modified it from there. Yes, I am really 15, I spend over 10 hours a day on my computer, I love it so much. Your site is extremely helpful, I've checked it out. I hope your visitors enjoy the LiveScript. If you need anything else just let me know!

     Nice guy... but 10 hours a day on the computer? Two more and you're on as much as me. Just kidding, Paul. Thanks for your script. I know people will use it. I included a credit in the script so your name will accompany it every time it's used.


     Paul offered some insight that it is similar to JavaScript. I talked to the computer wizard at Susquehanna University, Bill Welliver, and he said LiveScript was the precursor to JavaScript. The differences are very slim. He said the name JavaScript was adopted for LiveScript because the name "java" carried such power, the creators wanted to associate with it. That's the short history. If you know more, I'd love to include it. Write me.

I Want This Thing On My Page!

     And you shall have it! First off, you need the script itself. I have it in text form. Simply cut and paste what you see. But paste the whole thing from SCRIPT through /SCRIPT, just as you see it following your TITLE commands.

Here's the Script!

Make It Your Own

     Did you see in the script you pasted that there was a line that reads, WRITE YOUR OWN MESSAGE IN HERE? That is where you write in what you want to appear written on that silly little box that pops up before the page loads. You can write a lot. I tried writing a full paragraph and it posted it with no problem. I would keep it fairly short, though, as people will not stick around very long to read your joke.

     Also, as far as I can see, it doesn't matter which button people click on, OK or Cancel. The page loads either way.

      Good luck and make boxes!


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